Seth Drabinsky


No one likes a know-it-all. Luckily, Seth Drabinsky is here to deliver complicated information simply, with his trade mark side smile. 

Turn on your TV to any station on the US or Canada and you’ll catch Seth in one of his many roles in National Commercials. Whether he’s playing a gregarious scientist, a laser blasting DJ, or just the comfortable and friendly young dad, Seth’s grounded presence brings believability to every role. Even in the goofiest of roles he’s articulate, approachable and bright.

No stranger to the stage, Seth rocked audiences across Canada with his award winning performance as Hedwig in BFL theatre’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch, then brought delightful camp to The Second City New Comedy award winning play, The Philanderess.

 With his BA in Music from UBC, and countless hours invested in workshops and private acting classes across North America, contact Seth today to see what he can bring to your project,